Service Opportunities & Openings

There are many Service Opportunities available at various levels of  Al-Anon.  This page is devoted to the District 7 positions.

District Level Service Open Positions

  • District Secretary

  • District Alateen Process Person

  • Archives

  • Institutions

  • Spanish 

  • Day of Workshops (2022)

  • Gratitude Luncheon/Dinner (2022)

District Level positions listed above are currently open.   To find out more about these positions see the District Guidelines for each position.   If you wish to volunteer, please contact a District Officer.

Other District Level opportunities

Information Line

We currently need volunteers to help answer the phone!  Volunteers are needed to check the phone line for messages and return calls to provide meeting information. There are three 4-hour time slots each day between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. Please email Information Line Chairperson, directly to volunteer and for more information regarding any available time slots.


You are encouraged to tell your story or speak on a topic dear to your heart. Please refer to Guideline G-1“Members Interested in Speaking.”   To be added to the speakers list or for more details, contact Speakers List Chairperson.

Convention 2022

Registration is OPEN for the North Florida Area Convention!

For more info- See the Convention Website.

2022 Day of Workshops

We need a chairperson for 2022 Day of Workshops (usually in the Spring).   We missed 2020/1!   If you are interested in chairing the Day of Workshops, please contact Shelley L, District Representative, or another officer.

2022 Gratitude Luncheon/Dinner

District 7 holds the Gratitude Luncheon/Dinner in the Fall.  Thank you Karen for chairing the 2019 Gratitude Lunch.    If you are interested in chairing the next Gratitude Luncheon/Dinner, please contact Shelley L, District Representative, or another officer.

Assisting the District Officers or DIS Chairs

See the List of District Offices.   Perhaps your talents lie in assisting one of them.   Please feel free to contact one of them to offer your assistance.