Join us at a local meeting!

More than ever, we need Al-Anon meetings, and Al-Anon meetings need YOU!  And it’s easier than EVER to get to a meeting, as many of our District’s meetings are virtual (join from anywhere!), or dual-presence, happening in person AND virtually at the same time!

For the LATEST on Meeting information, take a peek at and download our Pinellas County When & Where, or head over to our Calendar page, where you’ll find the schedule, zoom links, district meetings, anniversaries, workshops, and special events.  Both are updated at least twice a month as we try to stay on top of any changes.  If you have updated information we do not, please let us know by contacting our Group Records Chair.

Should you choose to attend an in-person meeting, please, social distance and wear a mask!  We are smiling and happy to see you, we promise!

Another method of searching: Use the WSO website; although they admit that during these covid times, there are many changes they are NOT able to stay on top of, and it’s best to contact your local services…

Search for an Al-Anon Meeting Anywhere (WSO search)

Groups:   If your meeting has a change in time or place, please use the link above to submit that change to WSO.  Please fill out the Group Records Change From (GR-1) and send your changes to:  Group Records Chair.   The Group Records chair will forward those changes to the Information Line, Where and When, Al-Anews and the Website.

More Virtual Meetings

None of the above times work for you?  There are MORE Virtual Meetings!  World Service provides them! They have Bulletin Boards/Secure Blog meetings, Email meetings, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Provider) meetings and Phone meetings.  Never suffer alone… Click here to see what all they have!

WSO Virtual Al-Anon Meetings

When and Where

Download our Pinellas County  When & Where” Meeting List.  The When & Where” is published quarterly.   You can print a copy  from the downloaded PDF or you can usually pick up a copy at your local meeting.

Day Of Workshops 2024 and 2025 

Day of Workshops for 2024 was a great success, Kudos to  Amanda and to the volunteer help.  We are looking for someone to chair the 2025 DOW Event.  The deadline for 2025 registration is TBD.


Stay Calm – and Al-Anon!