Emails of Members in Service

District 7 Officers

District Representative Heather D.
District Alternate Representative Victoria P.
District Secretary Lili L.
District Treasurer Open

District Information Service Officers

District Information Service Liaison Ana Q.
District Information Service Secretary Open

District Information Service Chairs

Al-Anews Laurie L.
Alcoholics Anonymous Liaison Danielle C
Alateen Meetings Open.
District Alateen Process Person Sharon C.
Archives Shelly F.
Cooperating with Professional Community (CPC) Donna S.
Group Records Patty B.
Information Line Carolyn L.
Institutions Open
Literature Distribution Center Kimberly H.
Public Information Shira P.
Speakers List Jennifer H.
Spanish Fanny M.
Web Keeper Ed Mc.
When & Where Stephanie L

Event Chairs

2024 Gratitude Dinner Open
2025 Day of Workshops Open.