Archives & History

This page provides access to our District 7 History and Archived material.  It is specifically designed for people who are involved in Al-Anon Service.  This page will expand.  Our Archives Chair is making the material available in digital format.  For confidentiality reasons, some of this data will be password protected.

District 7 History

Ever wonder when something happened in this District? Not sure who the past Panel members where? Learn about how our District has grown in the World-wide Fellowship of Al-Anon.  Check out this  District 7 History , maintained by our Archives Chair, Mitch A.

Many of you have documents, newsletters,flyers and memories that tell stories of this district and it’s members. Such items are important because they help define who we are, remind us of our Al-Anon family ties and interactions, and provide us with ways to share our growth. While these things sometimes have monetary value, perhaps most importantly they always have strong sentimental value. The value we see in these items instills in us a desire to share them.

Be part of preserving our history; send your knowledge to Mitch today!

Group Origination Dates

Ever wonder when a Group started? Not sure what the anniversary date is? Check out this Group Origination Dates  list, brought to you thru the efforts of Archives Chair, Mitch A. and  Chris W.    Enjoy, and be sure to let them know what you think!


Alanews Archives

More to be added.  Look here soon!