This page has guidelines and reports.  It is designed for people who are involved in Al-Anon Service.

District Position Descriptions/ Guidelines

Are you thinking about growing through Service?  Do you have questions about what will be required of the position? Check out the job descriptions for each position! District Position Description Guidelines describes each of the District 7 Panel & Chair positions.  This guideline was updated July 2020  by the Service Position Guidelines Task Force . See the Report of the Service Position Guidelines Task Force.
In addition, we now have a Spanish Chair.  Here is the Position Description Guideline for the Spanish Chair.   (This will be folded into the District Position Description Guidelines.)

Red Light – Green Light Guidelines

The Red Light – Green Light Guidelines provide an overview of the Red Light Green Light process for Assembly. It contains a list of some pointers for those attending assembly for the first time as well as a refresher for those who are returning.

Reimbursement Guidelines for Assembly

The Reimbursement Guidelines for Assembly “> provide reimbursement guidelines for a Group Representative attending Assembly.

Election Procedures

The Election Procedures outlines the eligibility and electoral process for the District 7 Panel 59 Elections They are scheduled for September.